Bears fans, NFL media lost it on Twitter after referees missed a huge PI call

The Chicago Bears and Justin Fields were robbed against the Miami Dolphins, and Twitter wasn’t happy about the official’s blatant and outrageous mistake.

theft. That’s the only word to describe the Chicago Bears’ loss to the Miami Dolphins. It also ruined the outstanding performance of Justin Fields.

With the Bears leading to victory in a match that no one gave them a chance to participate in, the officials stepped in and made their presence felt. Chase Claypool, who was acquired this week before the NFL’s trading deadline, stepped up for a pass picked up and pulled away from the ball while it was still in the air.

The ball was not tilted on the line and not touched by a defender before Claypool caught, which should have resulted in a clear pass foul penalty. Had the flag been thrown, the Bears would have been prepared with a formidable field position with a chance for a surprise win.

The flag was thrown over the key phrase. Despite what appeared to be an obvious passing interference, no penalty kick was called in the play.

Needless to say, social media was furious, and rightly so.

Twitter was the Chicago Bears’ best friend in criticizing officials after the loss to the Miami Dolphins.

If any solace is to be taken from this game, the Chicago Bears now know what to do in the off-season with the cover space they have. They need to invest in both offensive and defensive lines. Once again, all of the union’s financial and recruiting choices should go to the offensive and defensive lines.

Today’s match was clear. Although only two rangers were allowed, the bears’ offensive line still had flaws, and the fields had to magically work to save his life. This PI call could have been avoided had the defensive line put more pressure on Tua throughout the match and not allow him to make a mess, but the damage is done.

It was a terrible end for the Bears after what they endured during the match and what they discovered. They have a quarterback. Adding Chase Claypool wasn’t a magical start, but he showed what he can do for this team just by being there.

Bears need more. Leave priority is clear. OL, DL/EDGE, WR, and maybe another CB to go along with Jaylon Johnson and Kyler Gordon. But unfortunately, they won’t even think about it now. They will think about how they screwed up a play that was so terrible, so blatantly bad, which is a bad crime.

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