Ryan Reynolds Talks Taylor Swift Deadpool 3 Cameo

When Ryan Reynolds released the announcement that Hugh Jackman will appear as Wolverine Deadpool 3 Back in November, Taylor Swift fans noticed something interesting: The ad appears to have been filmed in the same house from Swift’s short film “All Too Well.” This realization sparked viral rumors that Swift would appear in the eagerly awaited Marvel movie, but now, Reynolds is dropping that theory.

“If we shoot the next day dead list A movie in our house, so that would be the location,” Reynolds said ET About the relationship between Deadpool 3 Swift advertisement and video. But he also said he would “of course” be open about Swift appearing in the film. Swift is friends with both Reynolds and his wife, Blake Lively.

He said, “Are you kidding me? I’d do anything for that woman. She’s a genius.”

Deadpool 3 announcement shook the MCU

Marvel fans around the world were dumbfounded by this surprising announcement. They must have been in love with the fact that Jackman and Reynolds have been very open about their operation in the upcoming Marvel feature. The dead list The big video of the star announcing the release date and Wolverine along for the ride has been widely shared and viewed by audiences all over the world. Check out what he said in his historical social media clip here.

“We are very sad to lose D23, but we are working hard on the next dead list Film for a long time now, “Reynolds explained to fans on his couch.” His debut in the MCU clearly needs to feel special. We need to stay true to the character; Finding new depth and motivation, new meaning. Every Deadpool needs to stand out and stand out. It was an incredible challenge that forced me to go deeper… and I… have nothing. Yes…just…just…blank here. and terrifying. But we have one idea.”

What is the Deadpool 3 Around?

Deadpool 3 Directed by Levi, with text written by Bob BurgerWendy Molyneux and Lizzie Molyneux Loughlin, with dead list And the Deadpool 2 Writers Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick have also reportedly returned to contribute to the script.

“It’s not like adding Hugh Jackman to a movie like this is hard to sell,” Reynolds said. It is an immediate, definite, unconditional answer. It’s a lot of moving parts and Fox and X-Men and all that kind of stuff that Marvel needs to sort out. Lots of routine to make it happen. And they did. And I’m really grateful that they did, because for me working with Hugh is a dream come true. But working with Logan and having Logan and Wade together on a movie is beyond any dream I would be bold enough to achieve. So, I’m really, really excited to do this movie.”

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