The Million Maker talks a little something while ABC confirms that the show will be ending with Season 5

With a long list of shows ending in 2022, there are already some sure to finish in 2023. The beloved ABC drama has been added to the list. The network announced its mid-year schedule for the new year and included news that A million little things It is scheduled to end after its next fifth season.

A million little things He was absent from ABC’s Fall 2022 schedule, so fans had to wait a long time for their reunion with their favorites. Unfortunately for them, next season—scheduled to premiere in February—will also be the last. In a statement via diverseCreator and Executive Producer DJ Nash talked about the ending and how the plan was always five seasons:

I know seeing the end of this show might be sad for a lot of people (especially my mom, who watches the live stream every week), but I’ve always known I’d like to follow these friends for 5 seasons and leave them when the time came.

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