FIFA reveals controversial new partnerships after EA partnership ends

After a public split with Electronic Arts, FIFA has begun announcing several new gaming partnerships to tie in with the Qatar 2022 World Cup. As a result, football fans can expect “a host of new web 3.0 games focused on the future that entertain and engage with a larger group of fans” . According to the press release from the FIFA website, the partnerships represent an effort to grow in “new digital spaces”. There will be four of these “game integrations” in total, with a focus on Metaverse and blockchain technology. These new projects include:

  • Modified Country Machine – AI League: FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 Edition
  • Uplandme – FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 in the Upland Metaverse
  • The Round – Round Challenge: FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 Edition
  • Phygtl – Qatar 2022 World Cup on Phygtl

Readers who are interested in learning more about these games can do so over here. All in all, it’s…an interesting combination. Concepts like blockchain and the Metaverse have been controversial with gamers, and it’s hard to say what kind of interest FIFA fans will have in any of these gaming experiences. FIFA President Gianni Infantino hinted at these kinds of collaborations in May, when the organization issued a press release about its plans after the split with EA. However, these types of experiences are not intended to replace the actual FIFA series; The same press release also indicated that the organization plans to move forward with FIFA 24 under a different developer.

The partnership between FIFA and Electronic Arts has officially ended after the release of FIFA 23. The two companies had a public dispute over licensing fees, which led to EA announcing that future football games from the company would now be called “EA Sports FC”. As a result, football fans should have two different titles to look forward to next year, but it remains to be seen whether fans will stick with the FIFA name or the EA brand.

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