Kim Kardashian posted a cooking video, and fans are drinking it for him

The Kardashian family is often honored with endorsement deals and branding opportunities due to their fame on reality show. While promoting a product from a famous family member often increases the popularity of the brand, sometimes fans are not convinced. Recently, Kim Kardashian partnered with Beyond Meat as a spokesperson for one of her products, and the reception hasn’t been this great. The star dropped a cooking video (which was linked to the partner) on her social media account, and fans are roasting it for it.

Kim Kardashian recently posted an ad for her Instagram In it, the star can be seen preparing vegetarian chicken nuggets – a Beyond Meat product. However, the results were a bit pricey, leading some fans to speculate her culinary skills and her credibility in supporting the brand. You can check her out the ad for yourself below:

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