Modern Warfare 2 Season 1 Added Fans’ Favorite Maps

call of duty modern warfare 2 Gamers eager to see what’s to come in Season 1 received some good news this week when Infinity Ward revealed that a fan-favourite map of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare (the most recent modern war) to the game. A massive information dump from this week that shared all sorts of details confirmed that Shoot House will be part of Season 1, a chaotic little map that appeared on and off in various playlists in modern war. Joining the Shoot House will be Shipment, another popular map, but this one is coming later in Season 1.

Shoot House along with Shipment has been confirmed with these two maps going viral modern war group to do back. They’ll be familiar, sure, but also different with Activision and Infinity Ward describing the new iterations as “reimagined” versions of the originals.

Shoot House will come first, which is modern war 2 The creators said, with some backstory to give it a new home in the latest Call of Duty game.

“The new Shoot House, located in the bushes south of Las Almas, was built to train cartel-rented rifles with the same intensity as Mexican Special Forces agents,” preview Map explained. “This live ammunition facility is just as lethal as you remember it – a small three-lane map conducive to all styles of play.”

This map will arrive with the launch of Season 1 starting on November 16th, and in the middle of that season, we’ll see the shipment added as well.

A preview of that map said, “A new cargo has been placed aboard a water-carrying cargo ship in a stormy part of the Atlantic, ready to recreate the chaos that only a very small map can provide.” “Are you thinking of working around and beyond the boundaries of the map, which was possible in previous versions? You may all find yourself at sea…”

These maps were considered preferred due to the close nature of the maps. They’ve also proven to be essential maps for cultivating weapon camouflages with the game’s creators acknowledging this fact in the ad. The “Shoot the Ship” playlist has often appeared in modern war To give players access to these maps alone, so expect to see the same when modern war 2 He gets both.


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