Mia Khalifa explodes on Twitter: Just because you understand what I have doesn’t make me your mother

TThe career of former porn star Mia Khalifa was in 2014, when Islamic State sympathizers threatened her life for wearing a headscarf in a porn video.

Although this was her only active year in the industry, the truth is that she has become world famous.

However, eight years later, her old life is haunting her and hundreds of her fans have flooded the social media accounts of the former adult film star with photos and comments on her past videos.

Mia Khalifa’s anger

She wrote on Twitter, “Just because you caught my mind doesn’t make me your mom,” but her fans kept posting her old snaps.

Then, Mia shared on her Instagram account a photo gallery showing her latest luxury purchase, a Dora Maar painting by Pablo Picasso.

Meanwhile, her profile was filled with pictures of her porn past, which angered the 29-year-old’s most loyal followers.

her reaction

“I am proud to be reminded every day, that no matter how much suffering one has endured and no matter how lasting it may seem, whether in the form of scars or an iconic painting whose creator is on a pedestal (and I am guilty of committing to build that pedestal), we are greater than our plight and will never define By them or by men who have caused so much pain,” she wrote.


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