Attack on Titan Season 4 releases the final poster before the end

Attack on Titan has kept a low profile for the past few months, but it won’t be long until the series returns to TV. After all, Studio MAPPA has one last outing in the store for the anime, and it promises to finish the whole story. After all this time, Eren’s journey is ready to come to an end, and we’ve got our first poster for the last half of Season 4 to celebrate.

As you can see below, the artwork shows Eren at its deadliest in this poster. The star is seen in the form of Attack on Titan, frankly? Eren had never looked so cooler before. This can happen when you lead a global genocide campaign, and of course Eren’s childhood friends won’t allow him to execute others without a fight.

What’s in store for season 4?

As we’ve seen in Season 4 so far, Eren has become an enemy of humanity, and it’s in everyone’s best interest to stop him. This includes Mikasa and Armin even if the pair are opposites. The two want nothing more than to stop Eren without a fight, but our main star has done some unforgivable things. The world won’t forgive him easily, so it falls to Mikasa to save Eren from himself before the others come asking for revenge.

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Eren’s mental state is clearly distorted, and Season 4 is about to see how far the man will take his plan to take over the world. Despite their love for Eren, Mikasa and the gang were unable to let him see this target. Now, the question is how far the team will go to get Eren to see why…

What do you think of this new poster? Are you ready to attack on titan to finish the anime? Share your thoughts in the comments section below or follow me on Twitter @Megan Peters CB.


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