The brand new 2022 video game release has already received massive discounts

A brand new video game released just days ago has received a huge discount across many retailers. Since the end of October, many of the year’s biggest releases have finally begun to hit store shelves. titles like call of duty modern warfare 2 And the God of War Ragnarok They are just a few of the biggest games of the year arriving in recent weeks ending 2022. And while none of these games have been decided yet, the title in question now on sale is the latest in the Sonic the Hedgehog series.

As of this morning, vocal boundaries Featured on retail sites like Amazon, GameStop, and Walmart at just $39.99. While this price is not necessarily considered “cheap”, the shocking thing about this sale is that vocal boundaries It was only available for five days. The game launched last weekend on November 8th, which means it has already received a 33% discount since that time. In short, this is a very rare situation which is basically not seen with any new video games.

It is worth noting that this sale to vocal boundaries Although, it may not work well for all clients. Although this $39.99 value has been seen across many retailers, the price has changed back to the original $59.99 on various websites as well. As such, it’s unknown if this is just a mistake in the game’s pricing, or if something else is going on behind the scenes. Either way, if you’re looking for a hitch vocal boundaries For yourself, it might be worth trying to get the game at that price if you are able to do so.

Are you surprised to see that vocal boundaries Has it already been cut $20 from its starting price? And will you be looking to take advantage of this deal, or will you wait until the value drops even further? Let me know either down below in the comments or send me a message on Twitter at Trustworthy.



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