Chris Hemsworth “loses it” to the most demanding fast of his life

cHarris Hemsworth remains true to his mentality, which makes him work his body as hard as possible to maintain optimum physical shape. Moviesso that he can continue to play the superhero ox.

But now he is also participating in a documentary series called Boundless with Chris Hemsworthwhere he aims to test himself through a variety of physical challenges as he explores different ways to live around the world, learn to deal with stress, or go through different levels of strength.

Chris Hemsworth Intense Workout

Chris Hemsworth decided to fast for four days

He even follows very sensitive eating habits, while also fasting for four days under the guidance of Dr.. Peter Attia.

“I feel so weak trying to go up the stairs, trying to walk down the hall, I feel like it’s hard to catch my breath,” he said.

“I can’t even think… I’m losing it.”

“I try to restart my ketones through training, but I feel nothing.

“Oh, and did I mention I’m really hungry?”

gift He made it clear that he did not think Hemsworth enjoyed the experience of fasting.

“I don “t think so Chris Attia said this was an absolutely enjoyable experience.”

“But a big part of fasting is understanding why you’re doing it and that’s the key to putting up with this thing. It’s being able to focus on the motivation behind the fast.”


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