Dave Chappelle gives an advance lesson about the tough love of old friend Kanye West in SNL monologue

Hosted by Dave Chappelle Saturday Night Live Last Saturday he touched on Kanye West’s situation immediately. Where people were expecting to hear about his situation and the ongoing disaster with the transgender community, he came out strong to speak up about Kanye West.

“…and this is how you buy yourself some time”

Once he was introduced, he came out and said he wrote a statement he’d like to read, and so he started “I’m giving up Anti-Semitism In all its forms, I stand with the Jewish community. And that’s Kanye, how do you buy yourself some time.”

The two words you shouldn’t say in English

He then went on to talk about the Jewish community and the powers that be, saying that he’s been making comedy for about 35 years and “There are two words in the English language that you shouldn’t say together in sequence, and they are: the, and jew”. He mentioned that he had never seen anyone do good after saying those two words.

Chappelle talked about the situation of Adidas

As you might remember, West went on a radio show and mentioned that he can say anything he wants and adidas can’t drop it, which means he can’t be touched, chapel “I am a billionaire,” he commented. It was funny but when he got it up again he was on to something and said “I can say anti-Semitic things and Adidas can’t abandon me. Now what?”

And then Dave got his first jab Adidas dropped this n**** on the spot! “ joked. Then came the KO comedian by Chappelle’s masterful composition.”Ironically, Adidas was founded by the Nazis, and they were humiliated. I think the student has overtaken the teacher.”

No response yet from Kanye West Regarding his friend’s monologue, but it is very likely that there will be one soon.



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