Donald Trump dances with his daughter Tiffany at her wedding

MWhich one thinks so Donald Trump The White House’s farewell may defuse the controversy surrounding the former president of the United States, but it didn’t. The media continues to closely follow Trump’s every move and as a result, he continues to steal the headlines.

After opinion polls showed the defeat of the Republican Party in the US Senate elections, the recent development in the Trump family had nothing to do with politics, but rather the celebration of celebration The upcoming wedding of Tiffany Trump, Where Donald was clearly having a very good time.

Donald Trump celebrates his daughter’s wedding by dancing and devoting a few words to the new couple.

The daughter of the former president had her wedding recently Michael Bols In one of the most elegant resorts on the Florida coast, Mar-a-Lago Club in Palm Beach.

During the wedding, Donald Trump not only walked Tiffany down the aisle as tradition dictated, but also Dedicate a few words to the new coupleThe former boss said, “Michael, you better take care of her. You are definitely a special person with maturity beyond your years. You two are amazing people and this day will be precious for everyone.”

As the American media reported on Page Six, trump He was in a very good mood that night and showed him to the dance floor where, with his daughter, He danced to “Here Comes the Sun” before starting an all-night party.



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