Legendary comedian Jay Leno was hospitalized with severe facial burns after an accident

Television host Jay Leno He had to cancel public appearances scheduled for this week after he had a serious accident at his home when one of his cars caught fire.

Former host of “Tonight Show” He is a collector of cars and one of them unexpectedly caught fire while visiting the garage in Los Angeles where it was stored.

According to TMZ, lino He sustained burns on the left side of his face, severe enough to take him to hospital, but not affecting his eye or ear. He has not yet been released.

“I’ve had serious burns from a petrol fire. I’m fine now. I only need a week or two to recover,” his statement to Variety read.

The incident led to the cancellation of several events, including Sunday’s “The Financial Brand” conference, with the organization then justifying the absence with “A very serious medical emergency.”

Lino is a car collector

The star has more than 180 vehicles, including exotic cars, supercars, and high-quality artifacts in museums

“All we know is that he is alive, Therefore, our prayers are with him tonight and with his family.”

It is understood that lino He called off his engagement for the week as a precaution after he was taken to the hospital.

Jay Leno’s Garage posted a photo of the host inside his garage with three of his extensive collection of cars yesterday on Instagram.

The star owns more than 180 vehiclesincluding exotic cars, supercars, and museum-quality antiques, according to US News & World Report.

His collection includes vehicles that are both affordable and accessible Jay Leno Garage host has a connection to cars.

It is not clear which of the vehicles may have malfunctioned and caused a fire on his property.

In 2019, he spoke about his battle with high cholesterol after showing an analysis of a blockage in his heart.



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