“Shoji Pine”, a novel by Douglas Stewart, made for BBC, A24 Adaptation

“Shoji Pine,” Douglas Stewart’s Booker Prize-winning debut novel, is set to be adapted as a BBC drama by A24.

The book is about a mother and son relationship in Glasgow, Scotland, where Shoji’s mother struggles with alcoholism while dreaming of the glamorous life she was meant to live. Bisexual Shuggie struggles to adapt and finds himself taking care of his ailing mother while striving to be a “normal” boy.

“A poignant story of pride, sex, addiction, and love,” Shoji Pine is inspired by Douglas Stewart’s own Thatcher-years of Glasgow and is a powerful depiction of a working-class family with a very important story to tell,” the record reads.

Stewart will be adapting the Shuggie Bain film himself for A24 production and BBC Drama Editor Gaynor Holmes. The A24 will be produced and included in global sales.

The drama is set to be filmed in Scotland with more details including the cast to be announced at a later time.

Stewart said: “I am so grateful to BBC and A24 for their belief in ‘Shoji Bain.’ I am delighted to bring the Bain family to screen and allow me to expand on my narrative and bring new strands to the story, exploring the hardships and struggles as well as empathy, humor and resilience which are so fundamental to Scots spirit.”

Holmes added: “Shuggie Bain is an extraordinary novel, with all that extraordinary television makes. It is a true honor to work with the very talented Douglas Stewart to bring his vision to the BBC.”

While A24 and BBC have a long history of working together, the series is one of the first joint productions between A24 and BBC to be revealed since BBC drama director Piers Wenger revealed he was jumping to A24 earlier this year. BBC film director Rose Garnett also moved in at the same time.

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