5 teams on sudden alert

Ohio State Buckeyes. Mandatory credit: Joseph Maiorana-USA TODAY Sports

The Pac-12 had a major scare last week and are not safe again in Week 12. And many of the top ten teams in our college football are not.

In many cases across the country, the week leading up to competitive college football week can be an opportunity for teams to tune in. For example, you have Alabama playing Austin Peay before the Iron Bowl. Or you also have Georgia playing – check the notes – Kentucky before the clean, old-fashioned game of hate.

While this may be the case in some cases, there are still some big week 12 matchups that could be ripe for upsetting. Part of that is just a tough opponent and matchmaking agenda, but there’s also the forward-looking factor of some of these teams as well that just can’t be ignored.

So no, Alabama and Georgia don’t have any red flags this week. But the actual college football Week 12 picks feature a lot of teams in tough situations that could make those teams beat on Saturday.

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College Football Offended Picks for the Week 12: 5 teams in upset gear

5. Ohio State Buckeyes

Discount: In Maryland | Time: Saturday, November 19, 3:30 PM ET | Spread: OSU -27.5

It makes perfect sense that Ohio State would be almost four total touchdowns and extra points favored over Maryland given that the Penn State team had just knocked out the Terps and the Buckeyes were rolling against some of the worst teams in the Big Ten (except Northwestern).

But to me, that number doesn’t make sense from a compatibility perspective. Ohio State is a very different match for Maryland than Penn State. The Buckeyes are great offense and the defense, while much improved from last season, still has some issues. And let’s also not forget that Ryan Day’s team is watching the Michigan game next week and the huge CFP implications that go with that.

Make no mistake, it would be shocking for Maryland to get rid of this upset. However, I expect this game to be a lot closer and felt in Ohio than many people think.

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