Amy Adams reveals if she will return to DC after Henry Cavill’s Superman returns

As Lois Lane, Academy Award winner Amy Adams was as key to shaping Henry Cavill’s Clark Kent as Ben Affleck was to defining the role of Cavill’s Superman. Now that Cavill is back in the suit, fans have been wondering if Adams will be tapped to reprise her role, and in a new interview, Adams delivers a resounding voice…maybe? talk with diverseAdams expressed enthusiasm and support for Cavill’s Superman return, but admitted that no one from Warner Bros. Discovery had reached out to her with any kind of comment about Lois’ role one way or the other.

Her role could be significantly different, depending on which continuity James Gunn and Peter Safran decide to adopt going forward. in Zack Snyder’s Justice LeagueIt is clear that Lois is pregnant. Given how many years have passed since the events of Justice Leaguethat could easily set up a younger, friendlier version of Jonathan Kent’s “Super Sons” than what currently exists in the comics (or in The CW’s Superman and Lois).

“I am pleased to [Cavill]Adams Variety said. “He’s an amazing Superman so I’m really excited for him.”

She added, “They haven’t spoken to me about it. If it’s me, great. If it’s someone else, the role of Lois has been filled by many great actresses in the past, so I’ll support whichever direction they go.”

man of steelfrom director Zack Snyder, began the interconnected DC movie universe, and Snyder’s DC movie direction has come to be deeply loved and fiercely hated by warring factions of the public. Batman v Superman It only exacerbated that dynamic, and then Justice League It turned out to be a disaster so profound it took five years and the director’s stand before Warners could move forward.

Even among Snyder’s harshest critics, the performances by Cavill and Amy Adams as Superman and Lois Lane have mostly been praised. You could print enough “he’s great Superman, too bad he was stuck in those movies” tweets for the White House. Despite this, former management at Warners was apparently resistant to bringing Cavill back Black Adam Star Dwayne Johnson said he had to fight tooth and nail to secure a cameo for Cavill.

Rumors have been circulating in recent weeks that the star Black Adam The cameo was part of a larger campaign to land Cavill a new movie. How and if this movie will be affected by events Sparkle It remains to be seen. At one point, rumors circulated saying that Sparkle May include time-travelled events man of steel.

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