She-Hulk VFX Team Reveals Incredible Details Of Jen’s Gorgeous Dress (EXCLUSIVE)

Stories of how Marvel Studios’ detailed visual effects can be have dominated social conversations before, including the massive depth crews built to build WandaVision’s Westview from the ground up. Since a heroine like She-Hulk was designed entirely using computer-generated imagery, a great deal of care was taken into how she appeared in her first live-action sequel in She-Hulk: Attorney at Law. when it comes to b Attorney at lawThis means focusing heavily on developing part of the character’s wardrobe. Case in point, since Jen Walters (Tatiana Maslany) was often seen in the form of She-Hulk, the visual effects vendors also had to create CGI clothing for the character, such as the flowing dress she wore to the awards show.

As Wētā VFX Supervisor Guy Williams told us, the artists had to create over 1.06 million sequins for the super dress, which is a massive feat in itself.

shehulk-dress. jpg
(Image: Marvel Studios)

“They were bombarded with Houdini. There was a lot of iterations trying to get all the permutations right,” says Williams. “The tricky part is that because they’re three different sequins, they don’t exist in a parody. What I mean by that is there aren’t 330,000 of each of the three different types of sequins.”

The sequins each had a different color, which added a whole other layer to the equation.

“Because the sequins ranged from silver to a stark blue, it would drastically change the color of the dress if you got the proportion wrong,” adds the VFX head. “And obviously we didn’t take the real dress and do the math, so we had to guess the numbers and keep tinkering with them until the dress looked like the real dress, which I mean in hindsight wasn’t necessary because we’d never seen a real dress but we used that kind of attention to detail.”

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