Goat Simulator 3 Prologue parodies the opening of Skyrim

Goat Simulator 3 He’s finally here and he’s mocking one of the video game’s most iconic openings in its own introduction. The Goat Simulator franchise is probably one of the more unusual franchises out there, but that’s why we all love it. It started out as a goat who could run around and cause mayhem in a small town, but quickly grew into a charming indie series with all kinds of missions, goals and now, a bit of a story too. It’s very charming and the longer they run, the bigger the budget seems and the more weird things they can do.

earlier this year, Goat Simulator 3 Make fun of the reveal announcement Dead Island 2 And now, the game itself is making fun of an introduction The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. Your goat gets up in the back of a cart pulled by a man on a tractor, and brings you to his farm. He greets you when he notices you’ve woken up and tells you how he’s going to put on a bunch of shows in a very meta manner. To top it all off, he notes how the introduction is quite long (just like the one in Skyrim) and the straight name drops a Bethesda RPG. It’s a very funny way to start the game and perfectly sets the tone for the experience that lies ahead. Since they’re two-for-two to completely recreate iconic moments from gaming history, it wouldn’t be surprising if there were other gestures like this hidden in the rest of the game.

Bethesda themselves have a knack for creating truly creative slots in their games. Fallout 3 The player stays locked in a vault for an hour or so before you have that big moment where the vault door opens and reveals the open world to you. Fallout 4 It lets you see the world before the bombs fall. The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion He has a prison escape, which is not much different from Skyrim in terms of its basic concept.

what do you think of Goat Simulator 3 an introduction? Let me know in the comments or hit me up on @Cade_Onder Twitter.


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