Rick Grimes returns as Andrew Lincoln in The Walking Dead series finale

Warning: This story contains spoilers from The Walking Dead series finale, “Rest in Peace.” Sunday’s final episode the walking Dead It ends with an answer to the question that fans have been plaguing for years: Is Rick Grimes returning? At San Diego Comic-Con in July, Andrew Lincoln and Danny Gurira announced that they would be reuniting for Rick and Michonne spin-off coming to AMC in 2023. Originally slated to be a trilogy of Rick movies, the new series will reveal what happened to Rick after he was taken away on a Civic Republic Military helicopter in the season nine episode “What Comes After”. It will also answer what happened to Michonne, whose exit in the season 10 episode “What We Become” saw her heading north in search of Rick.

Read on to find out if Michonne and Rick will get back together the walking DeadThe series finale is titled “Rest in Peace”. spoilers ahead.

Four years after Rick’s last episode aired in 2018, what follows is a coda revealing what became of Rick and Michonne by the time we last saw them. the walking Dead. The five-minute finale finds Rick and Michonne separated by time and distance, each writing letters to loved ones back home.

Rick’s voiceover reads, “I think about the dead all the time. And the living I’ve lost.” Memories flashed before him, a montage of the dead: Carl. Laurie. Shane. Dale. T-dog. Herschel. Glenn. Rick thinks of the living: Daryl. Carol. Maggie.

“I’ve tried to reach you and your brother over and over. He’s too far away for the radio now, and I know that,” Michonne writes to daughter Judith Grimes (Kylie Fleming), and son Rick doesn’t yet know he has: Rick “RJ” Grimes Jr. (Anthony Azure) . “But I still held you, and you got me. We connected. We still connected with everyone we’ve ever loved.”

“I think about them every day,” Rick says. “Their faces. What I learned from them. How they made me who I am. Much more than all of this made me who I am.” Michonne tells her children, “We will always be together, even when we are apart. Together, we are the strongest thing. We love, and love is endless.”

Rick and Michonne’s narrative intertwines:

“So we, who have gone…”
“…all our lives…”
“…the distant ones…”
“…be one life.”
“We are endless,” says Michonne.
“they were together,” Rick finishes, memories of Michonne clouding his mind. “Whole parts continue to pursue what we gave each other. One life is unstoppable. You showed me that. You gave me that.”

But Rick and Michonne are not together. They are in another place and at another time.

(photo: AMC Studios)

Last time fans saw him, Rick’s hair was short, and his gray beard was long. Now Rick, covered in dirt and barefoot in jeans, has longer hair and a shorter beard. Rick wears a brown and orange working jacket with the Civic Republic’s three circle symbol. Elsewhere, Michonne is dressed in a warrior outfit consisting of a leather belt and plate, with Rick’s ring on a choker around her neck.

Michonne holds a cell phone with a small “Rick” and graphics of Judith and Michonne engraved on it below the Japanese characters that translate to: “Believe a little longer.” Michonne also has Rick’s bag and cowboy boots that she found on Bloodsworth Island in Maryland – Rick narrowly escaped his apparent death in a bridge explosion six years earlier.

Michonne Troy: “I know you’re back there. I know your brother’s back there. Just like I know he’s out there. Somewhere.” “Not just as part of us. He’s very much alive out there.” Somewhere out there, Rick is sitting on a muddy riverbank. His belongings are few: his cellphone, bag and worn-out shoes, sitting next to a canned food with a three-circle badge and a kill stick.

Rick’s belongings indicate that he is a worker at the Civic Republic Cull facility, the mass decontamination decontamination centers seen on The Walking Dead: A World Beyond.

Elsewhere, Michonne packs Rick’s belongings that she found on a boat marked “672” that washed ashore on Bloodsworth Island. Earlier, Rick put the same phone in a black trash bag inside his backpack.

“I’ll find him,” says Michonne. Because I know he’s trying to find us.

On the riverbank, Rick steps on severed infantry parts. He folds his handwritten letter, hides it in a glass bottle, and tosses it into the water. The whirring of the helicopter’s blades makes him trot. Rick picks up his bag, and throws it at a nearby boat: 672. Dozens of zombie corpses litter the water.

The helicopter pilot’s voice explodes above your head: “Dissignee Grimes! You’ve been located and ordered to surrender. Stay where you are with your hands up.”

Elsewhere, Michonne wears a soft armor helmet. A katana-wielding warrior rides on horseback through a valley filled with a crowd of undead. “Remember what I said. It’s what he said. Keep it in your heart. That’s right. Forever,” Michonne says of the secret she shares with Rick and Judith: “We are the people who live.”

It is revealed that Rick is off the shores of post-apocalyptic Philadelphia, Pennsylvania: the site of the Civil Republic. A CRM helicopter like the one that took him away from Virginia descends before Rick, hands in the air.

Because they fool the wrong people, Rick Grimes smiles: “We are who we live.”

Rick and Michonne are back The Walking Dead: Rick and MichonneAnd the Premieres in 2023 on AMC and AMC+.

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