Dwayne Johnson defends Black Adam’s early VOD release strategy

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson Defends Warner Bros.’s Decision Pictures Strategic release Black Adam On video on demand and digital release early. In a new vlog post, The Rock reached out to fans to thank them for making Black Adam the #1 movie on iTunes. Johnson goes on to explain that the decision was strategic, in order to take advantage of the extra exposure during the holiday season (Thanksgiving, Hanukkah, Christmas), rather than waiting thereafter. However, Rock is also quick to remind fans that Black Adam is still playing in theaters as well, just in case they want to check it out there.

In the longer version of his explanation of Black AdamDwayne “The Rock” Johnson’s Early Digital Release says the following:

Quick check-in: I swoop in to thank you. Great news to report on the Black Adam front. The Black Adam train keeps moving. You made Black Adam No. 1, again, now on digital. Black Adam is the number one movie on iTunes. Yesterday we released Black Adam Adam: We thought it was a strategic release on all digital platforms because we’re still in theatres, right around the Thanksgiving holidays, and of course the Christmas holidays, and the Hanukkah holidays, so you guys can enjoy Black Adam in theaters and definitely enjoy The Man In Black in House. So thank you for making Black Adam No. 1 again, on iTunes, with a bullet by the way. So thanks guys; the hierarchy of power in the DC Universe has changed – as you guys heard me say it.”

While this is true Black Adam It was a strong debut on digital platforms, even The Rock has to admit that the film’s box office reception wasn’t as strong as hoped. As of the posting of Johnson’s video, Black Adam It grossed just $368 million worldwide ($158 million domestically, $209 million internationally), on a budget reportedly in excess of $200 million and factoring in the marketing and promotion of:

“In the box office here, domestically, we’re doing very good, really strong numbers – internationally we have a lot of room to grow. And of course, you want to see the international box office numbers higher, stronger – of course, you do! Because you don’t feel good.”

Black AdamA lukewarm box office run wasn’t the best look for Johnson as the star of a superhero franchise – or the larger DCU movie franchise, which is still miles behind Marvel Studios. Heading into its opening weekend, there’s been talk of Johnson and his Seven Bucks production partners helping Shepherd DC bring the blockbuster universe to life; All eyes have now turned to James Gunn and Peter Safran’s new DC Studios project to provide a fresh start. Johnson is quick to pay tribute to Gunn and Safran (without naming them) in the video, so we can check that box.

In the remainder of the video, The Rock continues to highlight some big positives, such as creating the character Black Adam and the JSA team as part of the DC Universe. He’s also leaning heavily on his own feat of bringing Henry Cavill’s Superman back to the franchise, in case fans have forgotten: we owe him one. It also ends up teasing the future of Black Adam, the JSA, and the DC Universe in the future.

Black Adam Now in theaters and available digitally.


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