5 Reasons Why The Green/White Power Ranger played by Jason David Frank was the best part of the team

When I first started hearing rumblings that Power Rangers icon Jason David Frank was dead, I refused to believe it. In fact, my first thought was that we lost Batman (Kevin Conroy), so we better not lose the Green Ranger either. But then all the major media outlets started confirming his death, and that’s when I learned that another one of my childhood heroes had passed away.

The outpouring of grief was immediate, coming in the form of a greeting from his colleague power Rangers As Amy Jo Johnson, just for fans in general lamenting how important Jason’s character, Tommy Oliver, is to all of us. But, just like how I felt when Chadwick Boseman died, I thought it was more therapeutic to focus on the actor’s performance than on his death, because as a celebrity, I only really knew him through his work, which is the same for Jason David Frank.

In this way, I’d like to pay tribute to the actor from his most famous role as the Green/White Power Ranger, and talk about why he’s an essential (and better) part of the original. Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Team.

(Image credit: Hasbro)

He was a villain-turned-hero who saved the team on many occasions

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