All D&D 5th Edition rulebooks are on sale for under $20 on Black Friday

While most of today’s Black Friday deals center around electronics—like 4K TVs, laptops, phones, tablets, and video games—there’s a good deal of D&D rulebooks that will make any adventurer feel like they just fired up their 20 nat.

The deal is taking place at Amazon. Shave at least 50% of the basic D&D rules (Opens in a new tab) – Player’s Guide, Monster’s Guide, and Dungeon Master’s Guide – plus some exceptional complementary adventures like Ghosts of Saltmarsh, Curse of Strahd, Dragon Heist, and Out of the Abyss.

Discounts on D&D adventure and rule books

Being both a player and DM for the past two decades now, I love D&D and sales like these make it easy to expand my library of adventures or pick up additional rulebooks for new players who just join my campaigns.

So what should a beginner look at? Well, I definitely recommend choosing File Player’s Handbook At $15.99. This is an incredible value for a book that usually costs upwards of $60. I also recommend choosing File Dungeons Master’s Guide For your group and complementary adventure Dragon theft This is perfect for letters 1 through 5.

More experienced line managers should check out Damn strahed And the from the abyssbecause they are incredibly fun adventures…but they require a little preparation and solid improvisational skills to keep your adventurers entertained and engaged.

If you’re looking for something like D&D without the optimization and role-playing parts, Gloomhaven: Jaws of the Lion, Also on sale on Amazon for $34.99 (Opens in a new tab)is a really excellent board game that reflects a lot of D&D concepts and doesn’t require a DM.

Are you looking for more gift ideas? Be sure to check out our premier Black Friday deals hub and stay tuned for the next few days as we cover all the best deals.

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