Amber Heard is once again embroiled in a legal mess because of Johnny Depp

Amber Hurd Decided to sue former insurer, New York Marine & General Insurance Co., for refusing to pay damages after losing its former partner’s defamation trial Johnny Depp.

A Fairfax court ordered the famous actress to pay a total of $10 million in compensatory damages and another five million in punitive damages, reduced to $350,000 due to a legal limit in Virginia.

TMZ revealed that he heard The insurance company opposed, as it claims it should be covered by a $1 million policy.

he heard I asked New York Marine and General Insurance Co. Use this policy to pay off part of their debts deb. However, they refused to do so and filed suit he heardwhere the jury indicated that she had “committed a willful act of misconduct” and therefore the policy could not be used.

According to some official documents, the actress claims that the company assured her that she would pay her defense expenses of one million, whatever the cost, because it was an “unconditional” agreement that she did not abide by.


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