Daniel Radcliffe has moved on from Harry Potter, but explains why he’s ‘really’ happy to talk about it

Daniel Radcliffe was one of the slew of child actors to get his big break as a character in the series Harry Potter Universe. Of all the children, Radcliffe has had a particularly enduring and unusual career in the years since the end of the franchise, making headlines for onstage nudity in Equus And taking on odd roles made him do his own Best Weird Al Yankovic Impression (No Vocals) or Gas expelled as a corpse in swiss army man. While Radcliffe has spoken candidly about turning to “exotic” roles, He remains open to talking about his magical time in Harry Potter, noting that while he’s moved on from the franchise, he’s still a part of his story.

Speaking to Andy Cohen about his extensive acting career, the Watch what’s happening live! The host complimented the actor on the way he approaches Harry Potter fan base and the work he did during his formative years. Cohen called the actor’s relationship with the franchise “refreshing”, also stating that she really enjoys her “Radcliffe reverence”, to which the actor responded:

Yes, exactly. That’s why – if I stop talking about Potter, I’m going to have to stop talking about 10 wonderful years of my life that I loved. And all the people I knew on it. So, I really have no problem talking about it. I just love being able to do other things now and it’s not like that for me anymore.

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