Even The Avatar 2 Cast is “stunned” by James Cameron’s long-awaited sequel

The holiday season is at its peak right now, and there are a number of highly anticipated movies coming to theaters and streaming services. Perhaps there is nothing quite as overrated as James Cameron Avatar: Water Road, which arrived more than a decade after the record-breaking original. and even Avatar 2 The long-awaited “amazing” sequel, which will be a deep dive (literally) into the world of Pandora.

After years of waiting, Avatar: Water Road It almost hit theaters, as it arrives just in time for Christmas this year. The film will introduce a number of new characters, including the chiefs of the Mitkayina tribe, Ronal and Tonwari, Played by Kate Winslet and Clive Curtis, respectively. The latter actor recently spoke to THR On watching footage from James Cameron’s sci-fi sequel, he said:

So, now I’m in Auckland, but I was in Wellington with James Cameron just yesterday and he was showing me some new footage. I was struck by the incredible – how beautiful and passionate she is, the genius of the sensations that she gives you. I can’t even describe what I experienced, I just watch some clips and sequences. I can’t wait to watch the entire movie. I truly believe it will be one of the most amazing cinematic experiences I’ve ever had. I don’t think the world is really ready for what’s going to happen. It is beyond sexy.

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