Fellow GAF Star is talking about Candace Cameron Bure and the network after her “traditional marriage” comments went viral

The conversation surrounding Candace Cameron Bure’s comment about “traditional marriage” continues while fellow Great American Family star Trevor Donovan has been commenting on the topic. After Bure told the Wall Street Journal that she hoped to “keep traditional marriage at the heart” of her work with GAF, many took issue with the comment, and the topic generated considerable controversy.

Alan Donovan, known for his roles 90210 And many holiday movies, saddled in Full house The actress’s comments are expressive diverse:

I feel that people should be and believe what they want, as long as they are kind and accepting of others. For those of you who have followed me since 90210, you know my heart and my personality. No matter who you love, no matter your race or religion, you matter.

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