Forget about Apple foldables – trade in your iPhone on Black Friday to save big on the Galaxy Z Fold 4

You can save over $1,000 when you trade in your iPhone or other devices

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4

Galaxy Z Fold 4 is the best way to get a tablet-sized screen in your pocket. With this size comes versatility, allowing you to get more done on the go than ever before. Plus, it’s not just quirky; It’s solid to boot, which makes it one of the best Android phones you can buy right now.

If you’ve ever regretted how lackluster the replacement value of your old devices tends to be, this Black Friday Samsung changes all that. You can get the top-of-the-line Galaxy Z Fold 4 for $1,000 more than its price. It’s possible to get the 256GB model for just $450 with a qualifying trade-in. That’s a far cry from the original $1,800 list price. To say this is a good deal is to understate the significance of the year—you just can’t beat the value.

Samsung’s Galaxy Z Fold 4 needs no introduction; Her reputation precedes her. The Fold won’t be beat for power and versatility thanks to its 12GB RAM and foldable design that allows you to use your phone as a tablet when you need it. It’s literally the best multitasking phone you’ll ever lay your hands on.

Here’s why the Galaxy Z Fold 4 deal is so good

First, if you trade in any device at all, Samsung will offer you an automatic $350 discount right away. This has nothing to do with the condition of the phone you’re trading in or which model of Galaxy Z Fold 4 you want; That’s $350 for trading in an old phone.

Then, depending on what phone you’re trading in, you might be looking for a deep discount. For example, Samsung states that a Galaxy Z Fold 3 trade-in will earn you around $1,000 if it’s in good condition. The latest iPhone 13 Pro? It can be worth up to $550. But it’s not trading in the new hardware that makes this deal so good; It’s the value you get for some older devices or even devices with cracked screens.

Let’s say you have an old iPhone 6S with a cracked screen; Samsung will happily take that for you and offer you $300 off the price of the Galaxy Z Fold 4. That’s on top of the $350 you’ll take off the price just for having a phone to trade in. That means a phone up to 7 years old can save you up to $650 on the purchase of a Galaxy Z Fold 4 — unbelievable. Plus, it’s not just limited to iPhones or older Samsung devices; They will allow you to trade in Google, LG, Motorola and One Plus phones to save a lot of money as well.

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