I can’t travel without my Galaxy Z Fold 4 and it’s only down to $150 with a Black Friday exchange

Before I start the article, I must admit that, yes, I am indeed a very lucky person. I review smartphones for a living, so I have access to literally every major phone for sale, and I often travel for work, too. And in the past few months, whenever I have to travel, I take the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4, even though I have access to every single major phone released in 2022. I’m with a pair of active noise canceling headphones.

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4

The Galaxy Z Fold 4 is the best foldable phone overall, and right now, if you trade in two phones, you can get a normally $1,800 phone for $150.

Why should I carry the Galaxy Z Fold 4 for me

You might assume the Galaxy Z Fold 4 is my must-have travel item because I think it’s the best phone or my favorite phone. it’s not like that. I’ve been using either the Google Pixel 7 Pro or Xiaomi 12S Ultra as my main phone for the past few months, because I take a lot of street photography and these two are the two best camera phones out there. The Galaxy Z Fold 4’s triple-lens camera system isn’t sluggish, but it can’t match the magic of Xiaomi’s large sensor or Google’s impressive Periscope zoom lens.

But the reason I always make sure to put my SIM back into the Fold, even if it’s just for trip durability, is the fact that I can fit a small tablet-sized screen into a pocket-friendly package. The big screen is useful not only for obvious reasons, like watching movies during a flight, but also for showing digital boarding passes at airport gates, or for quickly pumping out emails while in transit. It’s also these last two use cases that make the Fold 4 so ideal – and its foldable nature makes it much more portable than, say, just carrying around an iPad.

So what makes the Fold 4 better than the others?

Xiaomi Mix fold 2 (left) and Galaxy Z Fold 4 (right)
Xiaomi Mix fold 2 (left) and Galaxy Z Fold 4 (right)

Like I said, I have access to every major phone released, including phones not sold in the US, so the Galaxy Z Fold 4 isn’t the only foldable one. I also have Xiaomi’s excellent Mix Fold 2, which is thinner and lighter, and the Vivo X Fold, which has a more capable camera system. But neither of these phones can beat the Fold 4, at least for travel use, because of two factors.

The Xiaomi Mix Fold 2’s lack of a Flex Mode — a fully articulated hinge — means I can’t lay the device on a tray table and watch content hands-free, I have to hold the phone myself or prop it up against something, or bring a dedicated phone stand.

Meanwhile, the Vivo X Fold is a bit heavy, and its software isn’t as polished as the Fold 4, especially when it comes to multitasking.

Three foldable phones stand with open screens
Vivo X Fold (centre) with Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4 (right) and Oppo Find N (left).

The Galaxy Z Fold 4 is the most compact and functional device out there, which is what makes it great as a travel phone.

Why is the deal so good now?

Some readers may scoff at the idea of ​​purchasing the Galaxy Z Fold 4 only for travel use. I must admit right away that I am in a privileged position. However, there are great Black Friday deals right now that shave a chunk off the Fold 4’s usually high $1,800 price. In fact, with the right bid and trade-in, you can get a 4-fold for $150.

Now on Black Friday, Samsung is giving away an instant $350 discount on any phone (regardless of condition) you trade in. This is in addition to Whatever the value Brings your phone. So even if you trade in a six-year-old iPhone 6S with a broken screen, you can still get an instant $350 discount, on top of the cracked 6S (which Samsung’s websites list as $300). Just like that, I cut $650 off the price of the Z Fold 4.

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 used with multitasking apps

But you can trade in a second device, and while you don’t get that $350 instant rebate, Samsung’s trade-in can be very generous. For example, even a three-year-old iPhone 11 Pro will set you back $300. Basically, if you pair the right hardware to replace it, you can get a Galaxy Z Fold 4 down to $150. This is a great enough offering to try out your first foldable device, or if you’re lucky enough to own multiple devices, make it a travel phone too.

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