Jim Nantz Brutally Declines Lions Kicker Before Missing FG (VIDEO)

Jim Nantz came on as a cold-blooded jinx for Detroit Lions forward Michael Badgley before his first missed kick of the season.

No Detroit Lions fan was grateful that Jim Nantz was in the CBS booth for Thursday’s Thanksgiving game at Ford Field.

No one was more grateful to have the iconic NFL announced duo of Nantz and partner Tony Romo, Nantz had cold-blooded jinxes that stopped the hot Lions in their tracks.

For the most part, the Lions were playing the visiting Buffalo Bills well on Thursday. Detroit entered the game on a three-game winning streak—the longest the team has had in a very long time—and managed to put up a fight that few expected.

That was, of course, until Nantes gave them the kiss of death.

Nantz jinxed the announcer as Michael Badgley stepped up to attempt a field goal in the third quarter.

“Don’t talk to me about the announcer’s jinx,” Nantes said He said Lions fans everywhere also braced. “Michael Badgley hasn’t missed a kick all year.”

You can probably guess what happened next:

Tony Romo was beside himself reacting to Nantes’ kiss of death, and couldn’t believe his partner had thrown the tempting pot into the universe.

“Lions fans, I apologise,” Romo laughed as Badgley walked off the field after missing him this season for the first time.

Announcer jinxes are no joke — specifically with Nantz. It’s as if you’re not supposed to talk to a pitcher during a no-hitter or even admit that it happened lest you jinx it.

Badgley was absolutely perfect all season, never missing a field goal or extra point, until Nantz tempted the football gods. Unfortunately for Badgley, Nantz wasn’t the one who had to answer for his blasphemy and it was the Lions who ended up paying the price by leaving three points on the field.

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