Joe Jonas was going to be The Amazing Spider-Man

Joe Jonas He was ecstatic to play Peter Parker in the 2012 movie “The Amazing Spider-Man” but Andrew Garfield He eventually won the part.

Jonas revealed on this week’s episode of ‘Just for variety’ Podcast.

“Obviously, he was the right person,” the singer said of the role won by Andrew Garfield, a fan of Spider-Man.

The fact that the film director Marc Webb He used to make music videos, which gave Jonas the impression that he “came in.”

“But you know what? I love the audition process and putting yourself out there and having to prove yourself,” the singer admitted.

Asked if it was about wearing a Spider-Man suit, Jonas said, “No, but I sure did own a suit that I would try to wear once in a while back in the day.”

Andrew Garfield was the right choice

garfield f Emma Stone Then they starred together in “The Amazing Spider-Man 2” in 2014. The actor later returned to the character in Tobey Maguire And the Tom Holland, “Spider-Man: No Way Home” from the previous year.

Jonas turned his focus back to his music after missing out on the superhero success. The singer had “plenty of time” to devote to honing his acting abilities when the pandemic hit because “touring wasn’t really an option.”

gave himGame of thronesstar wife, Sophie Turner Credit for guiding him through the process.

“When you have a wife like Sophie Turner, who is an exceptional actress, [being] Whoever portrays you and guides you through it, you have to bring your game,” he said, calling the 26-year-old his “strongest critic”.


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