Kanye West can’t shake Exes while Kim Kardashian talks about hookup and Julia Foxx talks about penis size

Kanye West’s controversies are countless at the moment. Reports broke this week that The employees at Yeezy and Adidas were unhappy with his behavior after he forced people to watch pornography, among other accusations. Donda University lost its staff because of the Nazi references and other comments made by Yi which led to a backlash. Now, this weekend, several exes are talking about it, like a new episode of Kardashians aired and Julia Fox continued the press. Amidst all of this, I can now not see a picture of West’s alleged penis size.

Kim Kardashian says she reached out to Kanye after the breakup

in a little information, Kardashians The star said that while she and her ex had been sparring publicly for some time. If you don’t remember this, Yi was trolling Kim’s then-boyfriend Pete Davidson for a while and this feud reached heights. However, Kim said that negativity and silence was always on the part of her ex-husband. In fact, she said even in her worst moments she reached out to her, revealing:

Kanye knows I’m protective of his stuff for the kids. Even now, when he’s in the prime of not talking to me and being mad at me, he’s won a few Grammys and I still get in touch with him.

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