LeSean McCoy takes a shot at the Cowboys, Dak Prescott at Thanksgiving

Former NFL quarterback LeSean McCoy shot the Dallas Cowboys and Dak Prescott during a Thanksgiving game.

The New York Giants are missing their two best quarterbacks for Thursday’s game against the Cowboys, but it didn’t matter much in the first half. Two early interceptions of Cowboys quarterback Dak Prescott suggest either the Giants are playing above their weight, or Prescott is missing the mark.

Most of that blame falls on Prescott, at least for now. Dak is a Pro Bowl passer at his best, but since returning from injury this season, he’s struggled to find rhythm.

Even with CeeDee Lamb and Michael Gallup now healthy, Prescott has consistently been unable to find his higher goals. Would Cooper Rush be a better option?

Cowboys: LeSean McCoy takes a shot at Dak Prescott

Lysan McCoywho has made six Pro Bowls and had the most success with Dallas’ rival, the Philadelphia Eagles, had a lot to say about Dak on Twitter.

The Prescott Cowboys pay a lot of money to play like a top-notch quarterback. He shows flashes of exactly that, but his injury struggles have forced him to move away frequently the past few seasons.

Dak is just one game removed from a 40-3 win over the Minnesota Vikings, fellow NFC playoff contenders. In that game, Prescott threw for 276 yards and two touchdowns, good for a 139 QB rating.

Even with the goals he already has on the team, Prescott wants more. He performed for Odell Beckham Jr. in training this week:

“He knows how much I want him here, and a lot of those guys in the dressing room that I saw have communicated to themselves in different ways to make sure he understands that this is a team he can help. And we want him to come help,” he said. Prescott said.

No matter what weapons he has at his disposal, Duck will have to play better than he did this first half if Dallas is going to reach their ultimate goal.

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