Disney has rumored plans to remove Star Wars lead producer Kathleen Kennedy

ever since Disney bought the entire star Wars franchise from George Lucas, the creator has chosen legendary producer Kathleen Kennedy to helm the new project. It’s been under that umbrella with that enormous responsibility for the past decade. But recent cinematic twists and turns have put her in a difficult position, with many fans calling for her resignation amid the story telling of the films’ outcomes. According to a new report, there are rumors that Kennedy will soon step down from her role as president of LucasFilm.

Youtuber John Campea reported that Disney had already made the decision to terminate Kathleen Kennedy’s contract after announcing the return of Disney CEO Bob Iger. He took a short hiatus after Bob Chapek “stolen” the job from him and nearly ran Disney into the ground through bad decisions. From the point of view of Star Wars fans, Kennedy should have left since “The Rise of Skywalker” opened in theaters and failed in spectacular fashion. While these will remain popular, all of the changes at Disney anticipate a potential shake-up at LucasFilm as well.

Who could take over from Kathleen Kennedy?

Assuming that happens, there is still a question as to who could take on Kathleen Kennedy’s role within LucasFilm. In response, Disney could take the same approach Warner Brothers took when they named the new heads of DC studios. There are two creative minds within the Star Wars umbrella who have been creating the best content for Disney Plus for a few years now. They are the brains behind shows like “The Mandalorian“,” The Book of Boba Fett “,” Obi-Wan Kenobi series.

These creative minds are none other than Jon Favreau and Dave Filoni. The former has directed and produced some of the greatest films ever made for theaters over the past 20 years. While the latter is George Lucas’s most advanced student on all things Star Wars. Together, they are the perfect duo who can finally take this wisecracking journey to the next big step. Kathleen Kennedy is a legend within the film industry but has proven time and time again that she is not as well versed in Star Wars as people hoped she would be.


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