Elena Trapé to Helm Coming Soon Gwendolyne, Diary of a Fan

Elena Trapé, whose character-driven tracks “Blog” and “The Distances” singled her out as a talent to watch, is attached to “Gwendolyne, Diary of a Fan” (“Gwendolyne, Diario de Una Fan”), one of two series released in Market in Spain’s Ventana Sur screenings by Barcelona-based Coming Soon Films.

Screenplay for “Gewndlyne” by Marta Buisán, Jordi Casado, and Miguel Ibánez Monroy.

Led by Marta Ramirez, production director of J.A. Bayona’s “The Orphanage,” who already produced Trapé’s “The Distances,” “The Summer of Dead Toys” is also being performed in Buenos Aires (“El verano de los juguetes muertos”). , a procedural novel adaptation of Catalan Tony Hill’s acclaimed debut crime novel of the same title, produced with Barcelona team Corte y Confección de Peliculas.

The titular protagonist of “Gwendolyne,” now 30, had one of the times of her life — and one of the only times in her life — when, at 15, she was chasing the erotic gods, ban her favorite son, around Barcelona, ​​just as he faded away. Now, however, they are about to meet again; which she sees as a solution to all her life problems: useless studies, a dead-end job; ad*** boyfriend boss, share a flat with her distant and conniving boss.

As her life plunges into the crisis of life, Gwendolyn believes that everything will be resolved if she returns to the stage with the sexy goddesses on stage. This, however, is a misconception.

Trapé commented, “This is a much-needed coming-of-age story, with a protagonist we’ve never seen before.”

“I’ve always been a big fan of British scripted television,” she added, praising how it transitions between documentary and film, striking the perfect balance of cinematic honesty and beauty. I love how she takes risks with her crew, captures on locations, light, mobile camera, narrative drive, and above all, how she makes us identify with her characters, their pains, their lives and their emotions.” .

Coming Soon’s Ramirez added: “‘Gwendolyne’ is a comedy of clear female leads, with plenty of music and in which sisterhood plays a major role”.

Trapé’s “Blog” won a Special Mention at the La Otra Mirada Award in San Sebastian; The Distances Golden Biznaga swept Málaga for best film as well as director and actress (Alexandra Jimenez) in 2018.

Produced by Coming Soon, Trapé’s next film, “Els encantats” with Laia Costa (“Lullaby”), is filming this summer.

A BCN Showrunners alum, Buisán formed part of the production team on two series of the Catalan public broadcaster TV3, El Gran Dictat and La Riera. Screenwriter, actor and playwright, Casado wrote and directed the theatrical plays “Vivo” and “en-Cadena”, and participated in the creative collective “a-Gig-a-Byte” held at London’s Rose Theatre.

An alumnus of the famous ESCAC Film School in Barcelona, ​​co-star of the TV3 series “Cites” (2016), “The Distances” and “Els Encantats” by Carlos Martín de la plaga” and “La mujer dormida” by Laura Alvea, now filmed for Coming Soon.

‘The Summer of Dead Toys’ by ‘Perfect Life’ Producer Corte y Confección and Coming Soon

“Having lamented the disappearance of such intricate and haunted brats like John Repos from the mysterious Pantheon, let us welcome the wonderfully troubled new entry, Barcelona Police Inspector Hector Salgado, to Antonio Hill’s ‘Summer of Dead Games,’” Bruce Tierney writes in his book. BookPage, ABOUT The first crime novel by Catalan Tony Hale, a bestseller of 2011 published by Penguin Random House and translated into 17 languages.

In the series, now set in 2022 Barcelona, ​​Inspector Salgado – short-tempered, violent, macho, returns to duty after being suspended for assaulting and beating a pimp – and Agent Lear Castro – rational, feminist, sometimes naive – investigates A high society death, which may be related to the death of a girl 17 years ago. They empty a big can of worms.

Oriol Maymó of Corte y Confección said, “The Summer of Dead Toys is a thriller with a magnetic hero and current Barcelona portrayed like never before”.

The first entry in what became Hector Salgado’s trilogy of books, a TV miniseries titled “The Summer of Dead Toys” was written by Ibañez Monroy.

Founded by producers Maymó, Marc Gómez de Moral and Guillermo del Toro (“Pan’s Labyrinth”) and JA Bayona (“Jurassic Park: Fallen Kingdom”) editor Bernat Vilaplana, Corte y Confección’s outstanding credits are in two distinct versions of Movistar+ – “Vida Perfecta”. , winner of Best Series in Canneseries 2019 from Leticia Dolera, and winner of Mariano Barroso’s “The Invisible Line”.

Corte y Confección has also produced two series with Netflix: “El tiempo que te doy” with Emma Suarez, starring Pedro Almodovar’s “Julieta” and “Fanático”, a series of short episodes of 15-20 minutes directed by Roger Gual (“The Smoking Room”, ” Cable Girls”).

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