FiGa Films sells rights to Brazilian Clara Lenhardt’s “Frogs”.

Figa Films has acquired the international sales rights to “Frogs” (“Os Sapos”) by Clara Linhart. Her previous film “Domingo” (2018), co-starring with Felipe Barbosa, premiered at the 75th Venice Film Festival in Venice Days.

The Brazilian production centers on a woman, in her late 30s, who is invited to a meeting with old friends at a country house. She arrives to find there is no getting together and is instead left to spend the weekend with a couple in partial crisis. In her statement about the filmmaker, Lenhart says: “I want the audience to recognize themselves in these characters or in the situations they go through. I want people to laugh and grumble because they can communicate. I want to use the camera as a microscope, able to visualize looks, gestures, and whispers that indicate desires, fears, and insecurities.”

Paola is played by Thalitta Carota, award-winner in Fernando Coimbra’s first feature film “A Wolf At The Door,” winner of the Horizontes Latinos in San Sebastian.

Her character carries the audience with her because what could have been a perfect escape requires her to be a doom aunt, pervasive tension, foil friendship advances and more. “I am not interested in portraying women as victims and men as monsters, but in identifying complementary neuroses common to many couples,” says Lenhardt. Complementing these goals of the director is a screenplay by Renata Mizrahi (“Amores de Chumbo”).

No doubt FiGa and Linhardt will be cheered by the jury and the audience’s victory in the pix-in-post series of the 26th Festival de Mercosules audiovisual. It’s a festival that’s had previous success, with her first film, “La Manuela,” winning Best Document there in 2017.

said Sandro Fiorin, co-founder of FiGa Films diverse: “We’ve admired Clara’s work for a long time and it’s been an honor to collaborate with her and the team in Brazil. Her film, though comical in moments, feels like an airlock in an idyllic paradise – totally breathtaking.”

Produced by Linhardt and Fellipe Barbosa’s Gamarosa Filmes, “Frogs” received support from Brazil’s main federal government production fund, Fundo Setorial do Audiovisual. Additional co-production credits go to Canal Brasil and Telecine.

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