George Pickens makes a bold claim about Georgia’s practices versus the Steelers

George Pickens compared the practices he experienced at the University of Georgia far better than he’s going through now in the NFL with the groggy Pittsburgh Steelers.

George Pickens, a rookie wide receiver for the Pittsburgh Steelers, says practices have been harder for him in college at the University of Georgia than he has experienced professionally up to this point.

When people fell to pieces over his coach-comparison comments, he played on a national championship-winning team as a junior and a program that has sent player after player to the NFL, mainly at the linebacker position. Although it must face similar competition, the Steelers are a 3-7 team. It is not as strange as it seems that Pickens would say this.

Most former college stars don’t have reasons to say so, but Pickens faced the best.

George Pickens says Georgia has been tougher than the Pittsburgh Steelers

Although the Steelers are a typical NFL organization, they are facing their worst season in years. Coincidentally, this is Pickens’ first season in Pittsburgh. Honestly, this is the worst year the Steelers have had since Pickens has been able to make memories. If he goes to a team with serious Super Bowl aspirations, that comment might not have all that obvious value.

No matter how good or bad the Steelers did this year, Pickens isn’t the first former college star to say something along those lines and won’t be the last. Certainly, a former Alabama receiver could have said the same things coming out of the Crimson Tide’s heyday under Saban. Players probably said similar things when Pete Carroll left USC for the NFL.

In the end, Pickens’ comments align with what you usually hear from top-level college programs from time to time. The only difference is the change of players, previous programs, and NFL teams. However, it is truly amazing how a player can go from an elite program to a much lesser program by entering a draft. No other profession works this way, so it’s crazy.

You don’t have to agree with Pickens, but for him to say this about the Steelers group speaks volumes.

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