Get a Samsung 2TB NVMe SSD for $110 during Black Friday

Samsung 980 Pro is one of the best NVMe SSDs out there. Now, the 2TB model with the heat sink is discounted, knocking down $110 on Black Friday.

Samsung 980 Pro with heatsink

Samsung 980 Pro with heatsink

$189.99 $299.99 Save $110

One of the fastest SSDs money can buy and a perfect addition to any PC, or even PS5, like some serious library storage, this model features a heatsink.

We’ve seen Samsung’s 980 Pro NVMe SSD drop to some pretty low prices before, but during Black Friday we get even better Black Friday deals on PC products, and the 980 Pro NVMe SSD is no exception. The 2TB model of the 980 Pro that comes with the heat sink is now discounted by $100. For a limited time, the 2TB model can be had for just $189.99, making it one of the lowest prices we’ve seen yet.

The Samsung 980 Pro is a PCIe 4.0 NVMe SSD that delivers incredibly fast read and write speeds. If you do not have PCIe 4.0 Compatible Product Don’t worry, the Samsung SSD is backwards compatible and will work with older NVMe slots – you may not see top speeds.

Although benchmark results vary, you’re looking at an average read speed of 7,000MB, which is very fast. This means that you will get faster loading times in games, and you will see better performance in the operating system and applications as well.

Best of all, this model of SSD comes with a heat sink, which means you’ll get those blazing speeds without having to deal with extreme temperatures. While you can use this model for a PC, it can also be installed in a laptop and even a PlayStation 5. As mentioned earlier, for a limited time, the Samsung 980 Pro NVMe SSD with heat sink is only $189.99, which is a great deal. But, if you’re not looking for that much space, check out the 1TB that’s also on sale.

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