Glaring missed face mask on McJones angers Patriots fans (VIDEO)

While the Thanksgiving menu was great for football fans, it wasn’t ideal for the umpires. The Patriots learned this the hard way.

New England Patriots It lost by only one point Against the Minnesota Vikings on Thanksgiving. It was a tough defeat for Mack Jones & Company, who had their best offensive production in some time just one week after their solid struggle against the New York Jets.

Minnesota’s defense rallied late, finally finding an answer on Jones and New England’s offense. However, it wasn’t without some help from the crew in charge, who missed an awkward face mask on Jones. It didn’t help that he was in third place.

Jones’ helmet turned on completely, and honestly he was lucky he wasn’t injured at the end of the play. It wasn’t the only questionable decision.

Patriots: The officials are missing the obvious face mask on McJones

With the loss, New England fell 6-5 and failed to keep their distance from the Jets and other teams in the middle of the AFC qualifying race.

The play of Jones, who is starting to show more confidence just weeks after returning from injury, should be a positive for the Pats. The former quarterback’s controversy with Billy Zabby appears to be a thing of the past, for now. Jones has put a lot of distance between himself and Zabby, and Bill Belichick’s leash should be long.

Administrators will make bad calls, or miss clear calls from time to time. It’s part of the trade, and Belichick or Jones certainly wouldn’t comment post-game if they enjoyed having big wallets. It’s a little disappointing, however, given the caliber of umpires who work constantly in prime time and holiday games.

Hopefully, next year will offer the same level of entertainment, without the official squabbles.

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