I’ve tested a lot of standing desks—and these are the Black Friday deals I’d buy

With a lot of cool stuff Black Friday Deals There has never been a better time to upgrade to one The best standing desks. Sure, you can work from one The best offices But with a standing desk, you can switch things up and switch between sitting and standing. Not only is this better for your health, it may help increase your productivity as you can move around a bit more while working.

After, after Test scores of standing desks, Uplift V2, Flexispot Kana Pro, and Vari Electric Desk are my absolute favorites. While you can find plenty of great deals on standing desks this Black Friday, it’s better to get one you actually like with all the features you need than to pick one based on its price or how heavily discounted it is.

Whether you’re really into customization, design, or just want a desk you can put together in minutes without any additional tools, these are my three favorite standing desks and they’re all currently on sale.

The 3 best black friday standing desk deals

Lift v2.0

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The Lift v2.0 It is the most customizable standing desk I’ve reviewed. With 29 desktop styles, 5 desktop sizes, four frame types available in four colors and five different keyboards to choose from, Uplift Desk makes it really easy to customize Uplift V2 exactly the way you want it.

Cables that go down to the grommet on the Uplift V2

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Another thing I really like about the Uplfit V2 is that it has grommet holes on both sides that make it really easy to run cables. You can place your computer on the left or right side of the desk and calves cleanly from the bottom of the desk up to your monitor. If you don’t need two, the Uplift Desk also sells storage loops and power loops in case you want to keep accessories like USB flash drives on hand or want an easy way to hook up a laptop.

Unlike the Vari Electric Desk and Flexispot Kana Pro, the Uplift V2 isn’t technically on sale on Black Friday. However, if you pay full price for the desk, Uplift Desk will offer six free accessories. The company also has a file Standing Clearance Office page (Opens in a new tab) Where you can get a brand new desktop and desktop frame at a discount. But the catch is that desktops are only available so you sell the Uplift Desk and you don’t get any free accessories but you save over $100.

Flexispot Cana Pro

Top view of a standing desk with monitor and desktop computer

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The Flexispot Kana Pro stands out from other standing desks due to its aesthetically pleasing design and the fact that it has a bamboo desktop that is twice as durable as regular wood. Like my other favorite standing desks, it has dual motors that not only help it get raised and lowered faster but also allow the desk to do so more quietly.

Keyboard with USB port on Flexispot Kana Bamboo Pro

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Unlike the simple keyboards you’d find on cheaper standing desks, the Flexispot’s programmable keyboard has four buttons you can use to set your preferred standing and sitting heights. I really like how instead of numbers two of them show a person instead. However, my favorite part of this keyboard is the USB port on its right side. This allows you to charge your smartphone or tablet while you work without having to plug in a charger.

The Kana Pro was also easy to put together and feels really sturdy once put together. This standing desk can weigh up to 275 pounds, and I was easily able to use it with a desktop computer and an HD monitor.

Vari Electric Standing Desk

Vari Electric Standing Desk in Black

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although Vari Electric Standing Desk It was the first standing desk I reviewed, and it’s still one of my favorites. Unboxing this desk was a lot like opening a new smartphone and it was very easy to assemble with only the two included Allen keys. The Vari Electric Standing Desk’s brushed finish makes it easy to clean, and Vari also throws in a headphone hook that slides right over its edge.

Vari Electric standing desk with drawer for cable management

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Although not included in the base price, the Vari Cable Management Tray is totally worth having. Unlike others Cable management trays which remains fixed, Vari can cycle back and forth. This allows you to connect new devices without having to move your desk away from the wall. There are also eyelets on either end of the Vari’s cable management tray so that you can easily run a cable from one The best surge protectors to a wall socket.

The Vari Electric Standing Desk may be more expensive than other standing desks, but if you want a great desk that you can set up yourself in minutes, it’s a great option. However, the Vari Essential Electric Standing Desk (Opens in a new tab) It’s currently on sale for $350 if you want a cheaper option.

How To Buy The Right Standing Desk For You On Black Friday

Buying a standing desk for your home office or work space is a great investment. This is why you want to get the model right the first time rather than having to put together several different ones and put them back together until you finally get something that works for you. Here are a few things to keep in mind when shopping for a standing desk on Black Friday.

Size: Standing desks come in a number of different sizes and form factors, but for the most part, they typically range from 24 to 30 inches in width and 48 to 80 inches in length. I’ve tried a few different sizes with the desks I’ve reviewed and for most people I really think the sweet spot is 48 inches long and either 24 or 30 inches wide. The 48-inch desk won’t take up much space in your home or apartment while the 24-30-inch width gives you plenty of space for a monitor and even a desktop computer on your desk.

keyboard: The keyboard is one of the most important parts of a standing desk as you use it to raise or lower your desk as well as to set predetermined heights for sitting and standing. You can save a few bucks by using a simple keyboard with only the up and down buttons, but having preset memory buttons allows you to have your desk at your preferred sitting or standing height with the push of a button. USB charging ports like on the Flexispot keyboard are an additional option worth considering.

Motors: Pneumatic or inverted crankshaft manual standing desks are the cheapest, but an electric standing desk makes things a lot easier. You can save by going to one auto office but in my testing these are very noisy. This is why you want a twin motor electric standing desk instead because they are faster and quieter to operate.

Weight Limit: Standing desks can hold anywhere from 80 to 300 pounds depending on their design. Over a hundred pounds may sound like a lot but if you are using multiple monitors and a large desktop computer, you will need a standing desk with a weight limit. It’s also best to get a standing desk that can hold more weight than you actually plan to use it for so you don’t put extra strain on its motor or motors.

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