Jennifer Lopez returns with “This is Me… Now,” her first album in eight years

Jennifer Lopez It’s been a great 2022, because in addition to getting married again — now with Ben Affleck — I announced today what it will be. Her first album in eight yearswhich will be released in 2023 with the title “this is me now”.

She advertised with a video. From the time of her album “This Is Me Then” two decades agoin which she shows how she was transforming into her current J. Lo, as well as revealing the track list that Will be included in her new job.

He will share with you what he has experienced over the past 20 years

Heralding a new musical era for Jennifer Lopez, “This Is Me…Now” chronicles An emotional, spiritual and psychological journey It has been for the past two decades,” the press release reads.

Emotionally raw and An honest project unlike anything you’ve produced beforeShe writes and sings about her life and experiences that will resonate with us all. In addition to these autobiographical stories that came out of the album It will lead to other personal projects which will be released next year … later”.

Here’s the “This Is Me… Now” track listing:

  • 1. This is me…now
  • 2. Be your own
  • 3. Mad in love
  • 4. Can’t get enough
  • 5. Rebound
  • 6. No. Going. Anywhere.
  • 7. Dear Ben, Pt. ll
  • 8. Hummingbird
  • 9. Hearts and flowers
  • 10. Gay break
  • 11. This time about
  • 12. Midnight Trip to Vegas

Her most honest work to date

Jennifer recently commented to Vogue that this album will be “The honestest job I’ve ever done,” She said her hope with the album is to create a world in line with the music, a la Pink Floyd’s “The Wall”, But with an emphasis on love.

Shortly after releasing their Netflix documentary, “Halftime,” Lopez and Affleck He tied the knot this summer in Las Vegas After the couple rekindled their relationship. professionally. J. Lo appeared in the romantic comedy Marry Me with Owen Wilson and She will also star in “Shotgun Wedding” opposite Josh Duhamel.


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