Crucial’s 4TB X6 portable SSD has never been more affordable after a $190 Black Friday price cut.

Mass storage in a portable form factor doesn’t get much better

Crucial X6 Portable 4TB Solid State Drive

Crucial X6 Portable Solid State Drive

Huge storage at a great price

This compact external SSD is hardly larger than a set of wireless earbuds, but it packs a whopping 4TB of storage space for all your important data that you need to save. It’s currently enjoying a huge discount on Amazon for Black Friday, which has brought the price down to $260. That’s $190 off!

Black Friday is a great time to save big on big-ticket tech like TVs, computers, and phones, but there are also plenty of great Black Friday deals to browse through. Crucial, one of the leading storage manufacturers you’ll find today, currently has the X6 Portable External Solid State Drive on sale largely for anyone who needs to upgrade their storage game. These drives are reliable, perform very well with read speeds of up to 800MB/s, and are very compact. Amazon currently has the 4TB model down to just $260, which is $190 off the regular price. It’s still an expensive accessory, but it’s close to what you’ll pay when it’s not on sale.

Why buy a Crucial X6 4TB SSD?

Crucial’s X6 is one of the best portable SSDs for anyone who wants plenty of storage in a very compact package. The discounted model has a whopping 4TB of storage that should handle anything you want to back up, which isn’t much larger than a set of wireless earbuds. You can carry it with you without worrying too much about mixing up your files, as it has solid protection against drops and bumps.

It has a single USB-C 3.2 port for port handle transfers, which can go up to 800MB/s on the read side. This makes file transfers short, and it’s compatible even with recent PlayStation and Xbox consoles. Not everyone needs that much storage, but those who do will want to take a second look at the Crucial X6.

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