Attack on Titan provides an update on the remaining episodes of the final season

Attack on Titan is preparing for its biggest comeback yet. Next year, the anime will return for its final episode as the fourth season will air its final episodes. The finale will bring to an end Eren’s long adventure, so of course, all fans are curious about how the group fared behind the scenes. And according to a new report, everything seems to be going well.

The information comes directly from Studio MAPPA as the company The execs made their way to Anime Festival Asia newly. There have been creators like CEO Manabu Otsuka appearing in front of fans, and confirming that Season 4 is indeed releasing its final episodes.

According to the executives, dubbing for the anime’s finale arc has begun, and hopes to be done in less than a month. Estimates at the studio suggested that an additional two weeks of dubbing would be needed, after all. By now, stars like Yuki Kaji had already entered and eliminated most of their lines. So if you’ve been waiting for a trailer, Attack on Titan could deliver one soon.

What we know about Attack on Titan

Of course, Attack on Titan’s ending is no secret. We’ve known for years now that creator Hajime Isayama has been in need of a manga for a while now. After a decade in print, the series concluded with a shocking finale that left one of its main characters dead and the future of the world in the balance.

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After all, the manga ends with Eren dying, and coming into the hands of Mikasa. The move rocked the internet years ago, and as expected, Mikasa has never fully recovered from her decision. Despite advancing age and marriage, Eren’s loss affected the world, and not for the better. His killing may have made the Elders look good for a moment, but Yigirion’s followers were still bent on seeing Eren’s tyrannical vision long after his death. So while the world averts an imminent genocide, Attack on Titan makes no promise of peace with its ending.

Now, that finale is preparing to make its way onto the screen. Attack on Titan plans to resume Season 4 at the beginning of 2023. So if you need to catch up on the series, you can find the full anime streaming on Hulu and Crunchyroll right now!

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