Jay Leno took one of his collectible cars and went for a spin in Los Angeles

cOmidan Jay Leno He was spotted driving A.J Bentley on the streets of Los Angeles after being released from the hospital on Monday only with burns to his face and hands.

A few weeks ago it was reported lino He had an accident while he was fixing one of his assembly cars, hot water jumped all over his body and he had serious burns, luckily none of them were serious and he is already happy as usual on the city streets.

Leno went to the hospital

This past Wednesday, two days after he got out, the comedian was back on set Grossman Bernd Center The hospital where he was admitted to the hospital. Leno was seen driving a more modern car than the ones in his collection, which he was driving in an electric Tesla.

Jay Leno is back on stage

After convalescing, Leno stated that he would be performing on November 27 atIt’s comedy and magic.

“[I’m] hanging there. All is well,” Leno told Page Six.

“I had serious burns from a petrol fire,” explained the car collector. “I’m fine. I just need a week or two to get back on my feet.”


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