Prince Harry’s ex-lover reveals it was her best kiss ever

Prince Harry tie the knot with Meghan Markle returned in May 2018, It officially put an end to his time as an A.J Unmarried. Before he was “happily married,” Prince was known to do it Having a good night as well as being a bit of a gamer.

In fact, Harry went through a phase in his early twenties when he had little interest in an older woman. Back when it was fair 21, he had Brief relationship with former reality star Kathryn Umaniwho was at that time 34 years with two children.

Omani recently spoke to the sun And shed some light on their brief romantic period together. The 51-year-old explained how Harry gave it to her “The best of her life” And she still hasn’t shared such a passionate kiss with anyone since Harry.

The former reality star revealed that she and Prince used to get along Meet in private bars In upper-class areas of London like Chelsea, Kensington and That Night in 2006, things got a little spicier.

After drinking together in a pub in Chelsea, the two go back to the flat of one of Harry’s friends in Chelsea. As the night went on, the two grew warmer. “We went into the bathroom getting dressed and one of our friends took a picture on my phone,” she told the British tabloid. After more laughter and a bit of a fight, Harry eventually reaches out and gives Ommanney a passionate kiss. “It was then that he lifted me from my waist off the ground and carried me to the wall,” Umani revealed.

He lifted me by the waist off the ground and held me against the wall

After the confrontation, the pair met up several times, including once again ‘passionate kiss’. But once the press got hold of the story, any possibility of a relationship vanished.

The duo saw each other several years later at a polo event in Barbados, which Ohmani revealed, it was a great meeting.

Harry is due to publish his autobiography soon. There was a lot of anticipation with Prince prior to the release Because of writing about his ex-girlfriends in his new diary.


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