Wanda Nara celebrates Argentina’s victory away from Mauro Icardi

Wanda Nara She showed on her Instagram stories how she got ready to cheer for the Argentina national team from Turkey in their vital World Cup match against them Mexico.

The businesswoman went shopping with her kids to get everything ready to watch the match. In addition to some stories, she also uploaded photos accompanied by her children, all wearing the national team jersey and very happy with the victory. Lionel Scaloni‘steam.

It was part of a family day organized by the businesswoman. Earlier, she shared a video of herself doing her pre-match shopping with her kids while wearing Lionel Messi jersey then sent from home watching the game.

She did it with her kids in the city of Istanbul, at least according to her Instagram and Mauro Icardi She was apparently not present at the football watching party.

In addition, Wanda still does not post photos with the footballer, although he did on the trip they shared in the Maldives.


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