Cardinals trade package for a Yadier Molina replacement

He put together a trade package to the St. Louis Cardinals for replacement Yadier Molina.

Since Yadier Molina, one of the best catchers the game has ever seen, announced his retirement At the end of the 2022 season, the temperature of the stove blazing hot as everyone started speculating about who would replace him.

I don’t need to tell you that the combination of Andrew Kneisner and Ivan Herrera wouldn’t be enough to get him behind the plate for the Cardinals.

Fortunately, Oakland Athletics owns Shaun Murphy, and it’s one of the hottest commodities on the commercial market, available at the right price. There is certainly a deal to be struck between the cards and A.J.

Murphy, 28, is Oakland’s latest major trading chip and is sure to be a huge hit in any potential deals. He is in the team’s possession through the 2025 season and is one of the best defensive backs in the game.

The presence of Shea Langeliers, Oakland’s catcher of the future, will push Murphy further off the roster, not to mention Tyler Soderstrom (OAK No. 1) and Daniel Susak (OAK No. 4) who will make it through the minor league system. .

Cardinals: Trade package for a touchdown to replace Yadier Molina

The Cardinals sit on a plethora of talent at both the major and minor levels. The club is a lock to compete every year and needs a new prop to replace Molina. Pieces of the aforementioned talent could (and should) be used to land Murphy from Oakland.

Here is the deal I made that will help every club in the short and long term.

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INF Nolan Gorman

RHB Jake Woodford

LHP Matthew Liberatore


Sean Murphy

This is a deal that will see the exchange of significant MLB-ready talent from both clubs.

From the package Oakland gets, it all starts with standout player Nolan Gorman. The 22-year-old made his debut last season, hitting 14 home runs and recording OPS+106 in 89 games. Defensively, he has the talent to play any of the first, second, third or outside corner corners.

Woodford, 26, has appeared as a starter and reliever in each of the past three seasons and is starting to show a great deal of promise. He will be able to act as a familiar captain for Oakland in a currently weak team.

The Liberator, the fourth-place Cardinals, played the first nine games of his big league career last season but struggled to find any kind of consistency. He is a high tackler, low walking pitcher, who frequently flashes signs of greatness. He will likely have a home in the starting rotation for next season.

Murphy was worth a 3.5 bWAR last season, and hit a career-high 18 runs with 66 RBI to go along with it. He scored 120 pps+ and remained one of the best fullbacks and catchers in the league.

As this trade stands, Baseball trade values He has 51.80 points for the Originals and 51.30 for the Cardinals, a near perfect match for both teams. This proposal would represent a rare multiplayer deal that includes only MLB-ready talent topping both directions.

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