Jordan Peele and Riz Ahmed to Executive Produce ‘Mishary’

Jordan Peele and Riz Ahmed are set to produce Noush Humayun’s live-action short film “Mishari” diverse can reveal.

The Oscar winners rode Humayun’s exploration of climate change in Bangladesh, which has caused personal and global tragedies. “The film follows two sisters who are forced together to survive in a strange new world while battling their own inner demons,” the tagline reads.

Peele, who won three Academy Awards (including Best Director) for “Get Out” as well as a Best Picture Statue for “BlacKkKlansman”), will have the EP released through his company, Monkeypaw Productions. Ahmed, who previously won an Oscar for Best Short Live Action for his film “The Long Goodbye,” as well as being nominated for an Academy Award for his role in Sound of Metal, will be penning the EP through his label Left Handed Films.

Winner of a number of accolades including the SXSW Jury Prize and awards from the Fantasia, Holy Shorts and Melbourne festivals, Mishari is the first Bangladeshi film to be nominated for an Academy Award.

Self-made film director Humayun wrote, directed, produced and edited the film.

Peele and Ahmed were joined as EPs on the project by Monkeypaw President Wayne Rosenfeld and SVP of Development and Production Dana Gills as well as Left Handed Films SVP and Head of Television Allie Moore.

“‘Mashari’ is a unique horror film in that it is visually visceral and emotionally stunning from frame one,” said Rosenfeld and Giles. “Monster drew us into its dynamic post-apocalyptic world and never left us. It’s a movie about survival, love, and family, but it’s also a horrifying, novel take on what a monster movie can be. Monkeypaw is so grateful to be part of the team.”

Ahmed and Moore added, “We were moved by the thriller Noahah, which raises our subconscious fears, from the childhood monster under the bed to the apocalyptic future. Weaving together jump scares and an emotional survival story of two young sisters, facing colonization and climate change in the process. We’re excited to have you join Noah’s team and help us share this story.”

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