Rick and Morty just debuted in the heaviest episode of Season 6 so far

Rick and Morty Season 6 is now in its final three episodes of the season overall, and the latest episode of the series definitely surprised fans with a deep dive into Rick Sanchez! Season 6 got off to a much different start than seasons past, as not only did it no longer have more ties to the series’ overall continuity, but fans got a new look at Rick as someone who follows up on all of Season 5’s revelations. But when Episode VII went wild, fans had no idea what to expect from Episode 8.

While episode 7 of the season abandoned the traditional formula set by the rest of the season, it also made sure to stay within continuity with the return of some characters we haven’t been able to see for a while. That continues with episode 8, “Analyze Piss,” which sees Rick reach out to another returning fan-favorite character for some help figuring out a few things about himself. Here’s the breakdown of everything important that happened along the way Rick and Morty Season 6 Episode 8 below:

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  • The episode opens with Rick and Morty fighting Mr. Nimbus over a sea fortress while the returning villain gets the best of Rick as Rick eventually decides to blow it up. Then, “Cookie Magneto” approaches them, and Rick is so uninterested in playing super 90s goofball that he instantly obliterates him with a laser. Here Morty asks Rick to find out why they are shooting after him, and Rick decides to find out why so many bad guys are chasing after him.
  • After the credits, it is revealed that the returned Dr. Wong was pursued by Rick, wanting to find out why the villains were trying to make a statement from him. Despite everything he’s done, these bad guys keep attacking, and so Dr. Wong tells him to ignore the bad guys for a week to see if they give up. The rest of the family reacts to the fact that he went to therapy. But soon the family’s home is sprayed with urine from the villain known as “Pissmaster”.
  • Jerry decides to fight the villain after he threatens Summer with a golden shower, and gets into a fistfight that eventually leads to Jerry’s awkward and brutal confrontation where he wins while the villain cries and apologizes to Summer while the rest of the neighborhood watches. In fact, he went viral for doing so. Rick is upset by the fact that other villains will be drawn to Jerry as a result, but it turns out that two alien-like heroes arrive and offer Jerry a place in their ranks.
  • They have no interest in Rick, but Jerry fully accepts the “sticky orb” they give him. He doesn’t know how to figure it out, but Rick refuses to help him figure it out and says he’s helping by not helping. The rest of the family is enraged by the fact that he refuses to help, and so makes Jerry a power suit that can channel the orb. And so Jerry decides to head to a planet with the Space Hilters and he’s carrying out some kind of sinister plan.
  • Jerry heads to the planet to fight Rex, eventually blowing it up completely. It is revealed that everyone on the planet was another Hitler with his own plan to enslave the world, and thus Jerry is praised as even more of a hero. After the credits, Rick returns to Dr. Wong’s office and tells her how Jerry became a hero. But as things change, he complains about his overwhelming strength. I notice how it is a positive change for him even though he seems to be struggling against it.
  • Meanwhile, Jerry gets a free spaceship and invites his family to be the crew. Rick stays behind, satisfied. A new villain comes and attacks him, but he ignores him and so another villain soon appears and they take care of each other while he celebrates being “out”. Rick soon starts drinking, and hears how the Pissmaster is being mocked throughout the galaxy. But upon reaching the villain’s house, the villain attempted suicide.
  • Rick fails to save the villain from committing suicide, but is soon overheard by the Pacemaster’s daughter speaking through the doorway about how she will never forgive herself for something. But Rick dons a villain suit in an effort to make his daughter feel better for the time being. Upon finding the Pissmaster’s note, Rick realizes how much the Pissmaster has hurt from the fight with Jerry and decides to don the suit himself. Deciding to become a full-fledged hero to better the villain’s name, the Pissmaster becomes better visible across the galaxy.
  • Turns out he ignored his session while wearing the Pissmaster suit, but Wong thinks it’s healthy if he’s having fun and being free doing what he’s doing. Meanwhile, Jerry finds out how much other heroic society members fall in love with the Pissmaster, and they also offer him a ball. He sent Jerry to be the one to recruit the Pissmaster to test whether or not he was worthy of the orb.
  • Rick’s plan to give the Pissmater a heroic death by saving a planet of orphans from a massive bomb is soon revealed, but Jerry interrupts him by trying to give him a Hero Ball. As Rick tries to fly away with the bomb, Jerry tries to take down the Basemaster before discovering that Rick was inside the suit the whole time. The bomb soon explodes, and the Pissmaster is given a heroic death as the villain’s daughter can be seen celebrating it.
  • Everyone soon discovers that Rick is the Pissmaster, and the hero orb group thinks it is some kind of wild group. To cover up the real cause of Pissmaster’s death, Rick says he was the villain all along and the family believes he did it to help Jerry score a huge victory himself. The rest of the family forgives him, but Rick tells Morty about Basemaster’s suicide. He had to tell someone, and then Morty would tell the rest of his family right away.
  • As soon as the rest of the family winds down, the episode begins to fight each other about their conflicting ideologies on suicide (and whether or not Rick should keep it quiet). A post-credits scene sees the group trying to recruit more heroes with the Orbs, and they decide they want to recruit Mr. Nimbus to their cause.

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