South Carolina rides the Beamer for life

South Carolina football is on an all-time high under sophomore head coach Shane Beamer.

Besides the sun, nothing is hotter right now than the Shane Beamers football team in South Carolina.

Hansel can’t just hang with the Gamecocks heading into the holiday season. Whenever South Carolina fans are by the fireplace, they’re usually tearing up lung darts, hanging on for dear life from Cockapoos, and overwhelmed and disappointed by the SEC’s Mideast football program. But now, Beamer has more juice than Michael Keaton as Beetlejuice. It’s Batman, and we’re on our way!

Not only did South Carolina upset two top 10 opponents in back-to-back weeks in Tennessee and Clemson, but offensive coordinator Marcus Satterfield would essentially leave Columbia at the top.

The offense has exploded in the past two weeks with his direction and play. Satterfield almost stayed with the Beamer staff, but the chance to reunite with Matt Rhule at Nebraska was too good for him to pass up. Whippleball is not a thing in Lincoln now.

If Spencer Rattler decides he wants to stay an extra year in college, South Carolina fans will be more excited than Jadevon Clooney lighting Michigan’s running back in the Outback Bowl (RIP) like a Christmas tree. Neither of us were mad at Jadeveon after that…

The only way to celebrate being on that fireplace is to eat your own Plumini onions in the stands, Kole Kubelik style, as the good Lord intended. If you can’t make it to some rickety stands, a lawn chair will suffice, as long as you can dip your toes in a kiddie pool.

South Carolina is very thriving right now under Coach Shane Beamer

Admittedly, there were people who were deeply skeptical of Beamer taking the job in South Carolina. He may have a famous father and may have had a strong attachment to the Gamecocks after working with Head Ball Coach, but USC is usually a program for coaches to die for. For this to be Beamer’s first shot at sitting in the big chair, he’s undoubtedly quite thriving.

You may have taken a sweet and savory mayonnaise bath to the Dome in Charlotte to drive away those South Carolina demons, but the Gamecocks have had a better night and day since getting slapped at home in Georgia in September. For now, one could argue that South Carolina could be the Dogs’ biggest competitor next year. At the very least, you can’t deny all of this positive momentum.

Overall, we saw signs in the first year that Beamer could be the guy for the long haul at Columbia; We didn’t want to believe what we were seeing. To have two consecutive wins in defining the program early on is absolutely unbelievable. Although Satterfield may be heading to Lincoln to reunite with Rhule, Beamer has a massive opportunity to hire the next outstanding offensive coordinator.

You might have to impress your Gamecock friends over the holidays to prove they’re not dreaming.

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