Tom Welling reveals the hilarious moment he shared with Brendan Fraser about Prenaissance

Brendan Fraser has been having a great moment of career resurgence and Gives attention known as “Brenaissance.“It’s not a phenomenon limited to the world of movies, like 2022 TV schedule Frasier also sees through the final season of Doom Patroland another series called professionals. It was the latter that allowed Smallville veteran Tom Welling to connect with the actor and even joke about the resurgence of his career.

In the series, Welling and Fraser star opposite each other. What started as a hilarious quip from Welling turned into a prescient observation and a hilarious shared moment for the two of them. Here’s how to make a file professionals Actor setting story:

I’m actually in New Orleans right now filming The Winchesters and I joked with Brendan when that show was coming out that I was really glad the pros could kind of help him relaunch it. [Laughs.] He had a good chuckle at that. And yes, it does a great job. I saw him about two weeks ago in New York and he’s really enjoying the moment. I couldn’t be happier for him, he is one of the sweetest people you will ever meet.

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